Compost Clubhouse

Compost Clubhouse is a collective of kids, advocates, service providers, city leaders and schools in Central Ohio that all empower kids and their communities to divert food scraps and other compostable waste from our landfills. They offer a weekly curbside pickup as a simple solution for all individuals and families to contribute to the critical issue of planet warming gases emitted into our environment and overcrowding of landfills.

Compost Clubhouse Website
Compost Clubhouse Website
Compost Clubhouse Website


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The Compost Clubhouse website was redesigned in July 2020. This new website dives deeper into the meaning of Compost Clubhouse, how the organization started, and highlights the kids with their bios and youth roles. Users can sign up for the monthly subscription service with options such as choosing your neighborhoods, what type of residence you live in, and how many buckets you want to receive. The Compost Quiz gives the user the opportunity to test how much they know about composting, landfills, and food waste.

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